Keep the Coverage Flowing

Keep the Coverage Flowing

A new term, proofs on top of deadlines, early onset senioritis and winter weather doldrums can all take their toll on yearbook production. But remember — the finish line is almost here. A couple more deadlines and the yearbook will be finished!

This is a great time to step back and recall that enthusiasm we all had at theme-planning time and bring some of that excitement back into the yearbook room. Now is also the perfect time to look ahead and envision the excitement of yearbooks arriving on campus and distribution events where the entire school community gets to share and re-live all the memories of the year that have been preserved forever in the 2016 yearbook.

But first, we need to finish those final deadlines which might entail some, or all, of the following tasks:

  • Finishing up winter sports coverage, including any playoff games or meets
  • Getting a head-start on spring sports coverage by gathering team schedules, spread editors introducing themselves to coaches, interviews with players about preseason training and preparation
  • Double checking the activities calendar to make sure all events planned for inclusion on the final deadlines are still on track to actually happen and that pre-event coverage gets done
  • Verifying all remaining group shots are scheduled and necessary advance information is taken care of so club members and faculty advisers all know the details for their groups
  • Keeping the index updated and running coverage reports to make sure every person at your school is included in the book, or will be on the pages for upcoming deadlines

While there are still plenty of details to attend to as we approach the deadline finish line, also remember to continue to have fun as a yearbook team. Right now may be the perfect time to pull out one of the stress relief activity cards from the HJ Curriculum Skill Set Cards and write a deadline haiku or share some “Me” Time, all of which may help generate some coverage ideas in the process.

Repeat after me – “We’re almost there. We’re almost there. We’re almost…”

Additional resources: Contact your HJ Rep for the entire set.

Teaching Yearbook Journalism Skill Set Cards

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