They’re in the Book, but Haven’t Purchased One. What Now?

they're in the book

Referring to the index list/coverage report constantly is a best practice of top-notch yearbook staffs. It lets you know to schedule an interview with Bryan about his passion for antique cars, and in turn, avoid Sara who plays varsity soccer, is president of SGA and was on homecoming court. You want your book and your staff to be credible. Your student body doesn’t want to receive a book with the same handful of faces throughout, so make an extra effort to include everyone.

Hopefully this is something your staff does as a matter of practice. So now it’s time to take a look at a list of students who have or haven’t bought a book, and compare that with the ongoing coverage list. If there are students who are in the book three times, but haven’t bought a book yet, make a point to let them know!

You can do this a few ways. Order “Last Chance” postcards to distribute. (Call your CSA with item number: 0406-000-667 to order free of charge.) Or stick a Post-It note on their locker letting them know they’re in it and don’t want to miss out. Or, if you’re an eDesign and eBusiness user, take advantage of Send and Sell to create custom messages and email them to non-buyers. Create a sense of urgency surrounding the need to own a copy of the yearbook which will house the year’s memories, forever!

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