Ready, Set, Get Inspired

Ready Set Get Inspired

Whether you’re already back in the classroom teaching or still enjoying some additional vacation time, it’s probably true that yearbook thoughts aren’t too far from your mind, ever. As any seasoned adviser will tell you, ideas are everywhere and once your brain is trained to look for them, you can’t help but see themes, font pairings or design ideas literally EVERYWHERE.

So, as our blog about all things yearbook ramps back up again, we hope you will share with us some of the things that have inspired you by commenting on blog posts themselves or by sharing the blog with your yerdy friends (and staffs!) on social media so we can all get our creative juices flowing and begin imagining the yearbooks your students and schools will love forever.

Here are just a few places you and your students might want to consider looking for ideas:

  • Go camp out in the Barnes and Noble magazine section and look through as many different types of magazines as possible to get a feel for what the current design trends are, headline ideas and popular fonts that you might want to use in your book
  • If you don’t have access to a local, well-stocked book store, try Zinio which offers a pretty eclectic mix of magazines that can be browsed online. You don’t need a subscription to see excerpts from them if you go to Read Article and start there
  • Behance is like Pinterest for graphic designers
  • Billboards are a great place to get headline ideas
  • Restaurant menus might offer font possibilities
  • Visit your guidance office and look for college brochures and catalogs which may offer design ideas that could be adapted to your yearbook or you can view many of them online at and search college brochures
  • Check out websites for companies you love and do screen shots when you find colors, fonts, graphics or type design that strikes your fancy
  • The digital version of Ideas that Fly, our annual collection sampling parts of the most amazing books from across North America, showcases covers, designs, themes and more.
  • Both the Showcase and Resources sections on hold tons of examples and ideas
  • Herff Jones Yearbooks on Pinterest offers a variety of boards to peruse

After your staff has had an opportunity to gather ideas from a variety of sources, ask everyone to present their five favorites and explain why they chose them and how they can see them being used in your book. This is also a great way to create an idea file for future reference so be sure to ask them to leave the samples for you to display in your classroom or to place in a filing cabinet.

Our list above is by no means exhaustive, so please share where you and your staff find inspiration for your yearbooks in the comments below.


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