Summer’s Not Over Just Yet

Summer's Not Over Just Yet

After 180 days of school, summer is an anticipated “holiday” that everyone looks forward to and — while it’s not part of the school year per se — the people and things they do are still worthy of coverage in your yearbook the following school year.

If you’re not a seasoned adviser, you may be asking yourself and/or your staff, “How in the world are we going to cover all of the interesting things that students, faculty and staff did over the summer?”

Probably the quickest and easiest way to get pictures from summer activities is to let your student body know that you’re interested in how they spent their summers. Ask them to use the Herff Jones eShare app which can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play to submit photos of themselves on vacation or at work.

You might also want to ask your staff to review their friends’ social media accounts to see things that they did and, if they see something cool, ask them to contact him/her to request additional information and photos.

And, as with anything else, planning is really the key to success so although you might be behind this year, the best way to ensure that you have stellar summer coverage is to make sure your students know that you’ll be covering it before they leave for summer break so they can share pictures as the summer progresses instead of you and your staff playing catch up.

You may also want to plan times to meet with your staff over the summer so you can collectively decide who has time to visit people at their jobs or to go to a local event and take pictures.  

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