The Power of One

The Power of One

During the last day of our yearbook sales, we had two final plans to persuade non-buyers to reserve their book. We’ve called our non-buyers twice throughout the year to tell them what page they were on. We’ve sent parent e-mails. We’ve tweeted. We’ve hung bathroom flyers.  We’ve posted Facebook and Instagram messages — yet we were still 104 books shy of reaching our goal.

So during the last day of sales, we resorted to our final approach. I printed off the non-buyer list and had every one of my students highlight the names of two or more students they personally knew and send them the following message:

“Today is the final day to purchase a 2017 yearbook at (Job Number: XXXXX) If you are not sure if you purchased a copy, call The Yearbook Order Center toll free at 866-287-3096.” (Be sure to provide your job number in the message!)

That day, we sold an additional 76 books. We were that much closer to our goal, so I sent this message out to coaches and clubs and activities sponsors:

“Hi All,

I am reaching out to you today in hopes that your club, activity or sports team would be willing to purchase a yearbook for a student in financial need.  A yearbook is a luxury item that many of our students can not afford.  If your organization is willing to lend a helping hand, please let me know.  No amount of money is too small.  

Thank you in advance,


That blitz helped us capture 72 non-buyers.  But I was not willing to not meet our yearbook sales stretch goal, so I devised another plan, which plays into our school theme of altruism.

I decided to invite the faculty to help us provide yearbooks for financially needy seniors.  I sent the following e-mail.

“Dear Coaches and Sponsors,

This is my final plea, I promise.  

As the school year comes to a close, I would love to see our seniors in need graduate with memories from their journey at West High.  We have 29 students on our financial needs list.  We would love to reach 100% of our audience.  We would love your help!

It’s easy to do:

1) E-mail me and CC: the Budget Secretary that you’re interested in participating.  She can Journal Voucher the money directly from your account to the Yearbook Account.

I’ll do the rest.

Have a fantastic weekend.


With this message we were able to provide every single student on the list a yearbook.  We were able to not only show the student body they are cared about, but we also shared the yearbook love.

We are now 10 books shy of our stretch goal and I have no doubt students that forgot to buy a book will stop by begging to get their hands on a copy.

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