Herff Jones is working hard to bring you the best of the best in yearbook technology. eDesign is always getting new and improved updates to keep your book designing process second to none. This is part two to the updates we have released in 2023-24. Click here to read part one. In addition to a variety of tweaks, here are some of the more noticeable changes we have made in eDesign recently. 

So Many New Changes!

“Jump To” Pages Quicker. It’s easier than ever to find topics applied to your pages when searching for your assignment when using the “Jump To” button in the BOOK tab.

Special Character Panel. All names should be properly represented in the yearbook. To help make this easier, special characters are available for the fonts that allow commonly needed diacritics such as umlaut, tilde and acute. Open the special characters panel, find the one you need and click it into place.

Align With Ease. A new panel behavior in eDesign allows the Arrange panel to stay open as you need to use the tools. This helps as you’re lining up elements, layering and adding equal spacing between elements. Ready for it to close? Just hit the X button in the corner, and you can remove it from your screen as needed. 

Create Portrait Proofs for Selected Groups. Accurate portraits and names are crucial. Proofing is easy with the Portrait Proof function to designate who you need to proof, such as seniors and freshmen only. You can also choose what page size you wish to proof from and how to sort names. Watch the video below to see this in action.

All this and more are now available on eDesign for you to use. Stay in the know about new updates coming to eDesign on this page.