Introducing Style Wizard

Simplify the process and boost creativity. Using Style Wizard saves you precious time while helping produce more consistent, dynamic pages. Ready to see it in action? Watch the video above to get the full scoop on Style Wizard. 

Style Wizard is an amazing new tool that allows you to change colors and fonts on up to 50 spreads at once. Select templates or pages in progress, then have Style Wizard work its magic by exchanging fonts and colors until you find just the right look. eDesign users can propose their own color and font selections, then build derivatives of layouts in seconds. Whether you use Style Wizard to customize our professionally-designed layouts or create variations of your own completed spreads, it‘s ready to help you both experiment with new looks and, once you‘ve made all of your selections, provide consistency to all of your spreads.

Proof in Seconds

Run Style Wizard as part of your workflow before submitting pages. It catches the details that can often be overlooked during the chaos of deadline time. It can catch the wrong color blend or fonts that your staffers may have used in spite of best efforts for consistency. Even better, you‘ll be able to double-check and correct discrepancies in entire sections at once.

Style Wizard: Templates and Mods – Advisers and editors can use this powerful new feature to customize templates and mods in the Library by easily swapping out colors and fonts on a whole group of designs. 

Style Wizard: Spreads – Advisers can use this function to change colors and fonts on the actual pages of the book.

Style Wizard: Backgrounds and Folios – Style Wizard can also adjust background colors as well as folio elements in one fell swoop. Want your senior section to have a black background with white folios? With a few clicks, your changes are made.