Top Ten Lessons Learned at Yearbookpalooza

We had so much fun at Yearbookpalooza last week! The workshop was complete with three days packed full of amazing sessions, expert speakers and even a silent disco. Yearbookers were able to collaborate and discuss upcoming book ideas while learning everything from new eDesign features to creative marketing tactics. In case you missed it, two yearbook staffers from Pelham Memorial High School in Pelham, NY attended as winners from our fall Book Sales Blitz. They shared with us their top ten pieces of information that they learned while in Florida. Check it out below!

  1. In your writing, make sure to simplify it to get the point across.
  2. Make sure your headlines reflect the theme and demonstrate what is in the dominant photo.
  3. When deciding on a theme, make sure you can demonstrate it verbally AND visually. And, it can continue throughout the book.
  4. Using Guerilla marketing is useful for promoting your yearbook because it is inexpensive, and it makes people laugh with a bit of shock!
  5. Instagram is a great platform to grow your yearbook. You can show yearbook content without exposing the book, as well as school content to get the community involved and engaged.
  6. Take advantage of the “Help” button on eDesign because there are many tips and shortcuts you may not know about.
  7. Make sure your yearbook is inclusive of everyone and the best way to find the stories is to just ask why.
  8. Don’t feel the need to fill up all white space. It allows borders to make your pages look less overwhelming and more organized.
  9. Make sure you pick and trust your staff wisely because the book is a team effort and if one person lacks work ethic, everyone is affected.
  10. Have fun while you’re making the yearbook!

Thank you to Dari Jeffries and Rory Pannuti from Pelham Memorial High School for compiling this list. Check out Pelham Memorial on Instagram @pmhspelicanyearbook.

Missed out on the workshop sessions? They’ll be coming to Yearbook Discoveries soon! Check out all of the available videos here.

Our HJ friends in Florida had a blast at Yearbookpalooza. See how much fun they had!