Sales Assist
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I participate in the Sales Assist email marketing campaign?

A: Herff Jones is providing a cohesive digital marketing campaign at no cost to you. You can decide when to start and when to stop the campaign to complement your school’s individual marketing campaign.

Q: How much does Sales Assist cost?

A: Participation is free of charge. (Yes, free!)

Q: How will this campaign affect my ability to collect in-school orders?

A: It won’t! You can still collect in-school orders like you always have. Simply record those sales in eBusiness on a regular basis to keep your non-buyers list current. This will ensure each email is deployed with an updated and accurate non-buyers list.

Q: Most of my sales happen at school. How can Sales Assist benefit me?

A: Email campaigns keep your message on a parent’s radar. Even if parents choose to make purchases through the school, the email campaign will remind them to do so.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Your sales representative will complete a quick form to get you started in the program.

Q: What do I have to provide in order to enroll?

A: You need to have a student roster and parent email list uploaded into eBusiness. (We’re happy to help you get it uploaded.) We also have a quick resource here to help you get started.

Q: Can I customize my emails?

A: Yes! Each email includes your school’s name, and you can add a logo or a mascot, if you wish. Some emails include the student’s first name. (Such as: “Don’t forget to buy John’s yearbook.) The messaging of the emails is set ahead of time and matches the time of year or the call to action.

Q: What are the advantages of using Sales Assist?

A: Sales Assist takes a major burden off of you and your school. Sales from the email run through our online Yearbook Order Center, so if you choose, you can sell all of your yearbooks online. The messages will include your school’s name, so parents know it’s coming from your school. All you have to do is choose start and end dates and make sure your in-school sales are entered on a timely basis (if you choose to accept payments directly from parents). Participating schools have seen their book sales increase with each send, and once a parent purchases a yearbook, they will no longer receive messages.

Q: When are emails sent?

A: Once you choose your start date, emails will follow the email send calendar. Please note, enrollment may take approximately a week, and then your campaign will begin on the next scheduled send date. All of the emails send readers to the Yearbook Order Center to make a purchase. If you do in-school sales, please note that your eBusiness records need to be updated two days before each email send date to ensure that recent purchasers are not getting emails.

Q: Can I choose how many emails are sent?

A: You can select which deployment will be your first in the campaign and which will be your last. You are not able to pick and choose deployment dates at this time. Herff Jones has scheduled the email sends using digital marketing best practices. The frequency of sends is conservative compared to other retailers that use email marketing campaigns. Additionally, parents who wish to stop receiving future emails about the yearbook can opt out of the campaign.

Q: What are re-sends?

A: Selected emails will be re-sent to your non-buyers, but only to those who clicked on the email but never completed their purchase. This is a common and effective way to remind potential buyers of the initial interest in purchasing. Remember that parents can opt out at any time.

Q: Do the emails have purchase-by dates associated with them?

A: Because life is complicated enough, most of the emails don’t include a specific date. Their call-to-action is simply “buy now” or something similar. However, marketing best practices tell us to create a sense of urgency with buyers, so a few emails do have specific dates associated with them. These dates can be a powerful way to make sales if you coordinate your in-school sales with the email dates.

Q: How does Sales Assist work with tiered pricing in eBusiness?

A: Once you set up tiered pricing in eBusiness, you can time your in-school sales announcements to go with the Sales Assist calendar, that way you are using the same purchase-by deadline that is being announced in the emails. There are four of these dates in the calendar. Your rep can help you with this strategy.

Q: How was the email schedule selected?

A: Email scheduling and dates were carefully selected based on holidays, school sales calendars, and the most common pricing trends we see in our schools nationwide. We follow digital marketing best practices to ensure that your yearbook sales are successful.

Q: When is the best time for me to join the campaign?

A: If your book delivers in the spring, it’s best to join as soon as you can get a student list from your administration and once students are all registered to start the year. If your book delivers in the summer or fall, consider joining by November 5 to take advantage of the holiday sends.

Q: What if we sell more books than we ordered.

A: Sales Assist customers have their own deadline to set the number of books they order in mid-January That’s why we set a date for the January series of emails. Talk to your rep if this is a concern and definitely check your sales in January.

Q: What if parents say they are not getting our messages?

A: Our email delivery system uses send-time optimization. This helps ensure that parents will receive the email when they are most likely to read it. It also means that emails are delivered at different times over a 48-hour period. If a parent’s email is in your list correctly and they are not receiving the message, they can check their spam or junk filter and make sure to select Herff Jones as an approved sender.

Q: How can I convince my school administration to provide me with parent emails?

A: There are so many advantages to your school, and the most obvious is ensuring you sell as many yearbooks as possible. This is just one way Herff Jones helps ensure your yearbook program is profitable for your school. Sales Assist is provided at no cost to you. If your school administration is worried about privacy issues, we have that covered as well. Provide them with our FERPA information sheet (or PIPEDA sheet if you’re in Canada.) Download them at or

Q: How do I stop my Sales Assist campaign?

A: Contact your sales representative or customer service associate (CSA) and they’ll take care of it for you.