A Tip to Maintain Coverage Momentum

A Tip to Maintain Coverage Momentum

So it’s already halfway through the school year and there are plenty of students that still need to be covered in the yearbook. What is the solution? As advisers, you probably have plenty of ideas for covering more students, (and I hope you share those tips with us in the comments section,) but if you need an idea fast, then you’ve come to the right place.

Although it’s ideal that a yearbook staff returns from winter break with the motivation and gusto it takes to really get things done, sometimes that progress and drive grows stagnant. Sometimes, your staffers lose motivation to go out out and interview new faces, and instead, ask some of their buddies to answer a survey question for their mod. Sound familiar? Give them the motivation they need to continue getting more students in the yearbook. Making the yearbook as all-inclusive as possible is the idea.

So where to start? Update the index constantly. No excuses. Next, run a coverage report and print a list of all the students who have yet to be covered in the yearbook, by grade level. Cut out those individual names and put them in respective (grade level) buckets. When any staffer needs a student to answer a question or a student to cover for a profile, they can simply draw a name from one of the buckets. They don’t have to search high and low (or take the easy route of choosing a friend) to determine who to interview, and, by taking this approach, one more student is covered! Names drawn get removed from the buckets so that the coverage momentum can continue. And, yes, you’re receiving this tip mid-year, but this can be implemented much earlier, or even at the start of the school year.

Keep in mind, you may find yourself or your staffers having to “redraw” names to fulfill gender, ethnicity or grade level needs — diversity in the yearbook is ideal. It’s everyone’s year (and yearbook!) after all.


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    Jenni Parsons says:

    eDesign’s master list tool and Coverage Report is awesome for this too! We just pull people off of “the red list” when we need a quick interview.


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