It’s Time for Book Sales Blitz

Make your sales fly this year

October is prime time for selling yearbooks. We are giving you all the sales tips throughout the month of October during our Book Sales Blitz. The Book Sales Blitz will help you reach your sales goals by providing incentives to implement great selling tactics from strategy to social to signage. You can participate in the weekly challenges and win prizes for your staff! Sign up now! Only registered schools are eligible to win prizes.


That’s right! We are giving away amazing prizes to the weekly winners. Grand prize winners will be announced on Halloween! No tricks, just treats this Oct. 31! Here are just a few of the prizes we are giving away to participants in our Book Sales Blitz. 

  • Scholarship + travel voucher for two to Summer 2023 Yearbookpalooza Workshop in Orlando, FL
  • Custom YBK Sweatshirts for your staff
  • $200 Merch voucher for
  • Other weekly giveaways

Weekly Challenges

So, how do you win? First, make sure you sign up, so you are eligible to win prizes. You can sign up here. Then, follow these weekly challenges in October and show us your superior sales strategies. Don’t forget to tag us @HJYearbook on Instagram, @Herff_Jones on TikTok or share your entries with us at Be sure to use the hashtag #BookSalesBlitz too!


OCT. 10-14

Many successful programs dedicate time to building a YBK brand and a following both within their school and on social media. This promotional plan template can help your staff strategize sales promotions for the rest of the year. We’ve put ideas on there, but come up with your own! Make a copy, create your November plan with your staff and send us yours at Be sure to check out the Ideas and Activities tab.


OCT. 17-21

Let’s see your best sales pitches by following the prompts below or creating your own! Don’t forget to include your sales information and link to in the caption. Tag @HJYearbook in your post or send to


Top five (or more!) reasons to buy a yearbook

You’re going to be in the yearbook because…

Don’t miss this (sneak peek, photography, student event) in your (school name) yearbook!

A friendly reminder to keep all posts and sounds school appropriate. Check with your adviser if you have any questions on your content!


OCT. 24-28

Grab your sales posters and flyers from your marketing kit or make your own! Post them all over your school. Let’s see your creativity. Where are your high-traffic areas? What about bathroom stalls? Hallway bulletin boards? Your main office? The front door of your school? Don’t forget yard signs and banners on fences! Show us where you have them placed by sending us yours at

You can find great products and restock your supply on our Shop page. And, who also doesn’t love a good staff t-shirt to help promote as well?!


AND YOU WERE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY, RIGHT?! We are so excited to see your entries (and to see your book sales fly)! Sign up today for the Book Sales Blitz and change the way you sell this year.

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