2016 Trends Can Mark the School Year Significantly

2016 Trends Can Mark the School Year Significantly

2016 was an eventful, unforgettable and (odd?) year. Your staff will probably want to (and should) include some coverage of the year’s events, trends, big news and viral stories. Topics like these will help put a lasting timestamp on the year that will engage memories when the book is opened years later and right now is the perfect time to do a little research on what your coverage might include. Lots of popular websites and magazines have created versions of a “2016 Year in Review.” Take a look at some of those and choose which stories and trends deserve a place in the book and which ones will resonate with your readers most.

For example, the presidential election is a given. Chewbacca mom, the mannequin challenge and Pokemon Go could also be represented in some fashion. Speaking of fashion, think about the popular trends and cover those. Just like bellbottoms and tye dye mark an era for your staffers’ grandparents, perhaps this year’s trends could do the same for them one day.

So how can this be done? Infographics are a great way to present facts and information. For instance, survey students in your school on what song they liked the most and create a pie chart to present the results. You could also play around with lists like, Top 10 Songs, Top 10 Fashion Trends, etc. Don’t forget that using photography from the internet is illegal, so steer clear of that. Instead, consider other ways to present topics. Take photos yourself or create compelling graphics that pair well with the design of your spread.

However, there is a way for staffs to obtain legal rights to high resolution news photos. Simply contact a Tribune Content Agency representative to inquire about annual rates.

Patricia Patino, Manager Inside Sales

ppatino@tribpub.com 312-222-2448

Curtis Trammell, Assistant Sales Manager

ctrammell@tribpub.com 312-527-8934

Schools can also reach them via email at tcasales@tribpub.com or by calling 800-637-4082.

Always credit the photos you use right on the spread. This becomes especially important if your staff submits the yearbook for contests and critiques.

Keep in mind — choose topics that will resonate with your readers. (This could differ in other parts of the country and for our Canadian staffs!) Get your facts from credible news sources like CNN, Times, or the Washington Post, because as crazy as it sounds, you can’t believe everything you read online. And finally, when reporting stories that rounded out 2016, do your best to do so in an unbiased manner. Facts over opinions. Good luck!

Information overload? If this sounds like a job you’d rather leave to our team, ask your rep about including the 2016-2017 Herff Jones World Yearbook or Our World supplement in your school’s yearbook.


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