Staff-Made Videos Increase Sales

We are still swooning over the yearbook video that Honda created for the Super Bowl. Funny, touching and those were actual yearbook photos of the celebrities, digitally brought to life — nostalgic and entertaining. It was easily our favorite commercial and appropriately so. The video is actually a perfect example of inspiration for your own sales videos — and there’s no better time than Scholastic Journalism Week to have fun with creating some of your very own.  

It could take a bit of extra time and effort, but they’ll totally be worth it. You could post them on your school and staff’s social media accounts, the school website or share them during televised school announcements. The extra exposure, especially if it’s funny or emotional in some way, could increase sales. Consumers like to laugh, cry (happy tears) or reminisce and are even compelled to buy because of that.

So, watch the Honda yearbook commercial again with your staff and some sales videos that we’ve created in-house to gather ideas and inspiration of your own. They can be short and sweet, but we want to see all of the creativity! Post your homemade sales videos to social media using the hashtag #HJSalesVideo and we’ll choose our favorites to include on our website. We can’t wait to see what you come up with — have fun with it!